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{Zombie invasion at The Dallas Arboretum}

Every year we do a “theme” shoot for Boo @ Marie Q marketing.  Since it has been the year of the zombie we thought it would be appropriate to be zombies this year.

A couple of things I need to remember next year when we do this again……First, the kids are getting older and they are not as agreeable as they used to be. Second, public humiliation is no longer an option.  And finally, when I say kids, I mean my daughter. We are in that very special tween age. She is very vain, very self conscious, and very smart because she knows better than anyone else what is going to work best for photos.

Exhibit 1

hmmmm.. don’t think that one is going to work for any promo materials.

Exhibit 2

The zombie twins can’t get too close together without breaking character.

Eventually, we did get the images we needed, but it was a little rough at the start and at the end. And just one we took before we turned them into zombies:)

Boo@Marie Q will be on October 31st between 2:30-5:00 at the Studio during Trick or Treat on the Square in Downtown Waxahachie.  Receive a complimentary 5×7 of your child in costume when you donate $5 and 2 canned goods per child.  Proceeds will benefit The Light of Gabriel Foundation and St. Vincent de Paul.

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